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Ambleside Logic is led by Aaron Rosenbaum. Father of 3, Programming since 7, DevOps since 11 (hacking RSTS), exIngres, exCTP, exCohera. Sold two companies to Oracle, one to HP. Research + Strategy for NoSQL/BigData ecosystem implementors, vendors and investors.

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VMWare DB Consolidation Projects - Oracle 12c just cut you off

VMware has had several efforts towards monetizing the Oracle DB Consolidation business.  Using vCenter has been relatively successful.  vFabric Data Director is a little more nascent - and I think will become more so now that its part of the suite.  VMWare sales folks really don't know how to sell to DBA's or Storage Admins.

VMwares effort has just come to a big stop sign.  12c container databases really bring the single pane administration that Data Director promised, but in a much more real way.  While Data Director took on admin rights, some light monitoring, cloning - and resource management, 12c goes a lot farther.

Consolidating resource management across all tiers - single DataGuard workload was the prime example - will reduce the workload of DBA's and Storage Admins - something VMWare just can't do.  VMWare golden image strategy dealt with deploying test + dev DB's but never dealt with patch management  Oracle 12c does.  I never really got straightforward answers about interactions with Oracle 11g and balloon memory.  My personal tests showed some clear anomolies.  Those problems go away too.

The message around database consolidation in 12c isn't tightly linked to the app deployment story - thats a weakness, and I haven't seen how the non-core RDMS products are dealt with (Hyperion/Endeca/TimesTen/etc).

Do you think 12c will slow VMWare Oracle consolidation projects? If not, why not?

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